Follow the link to the web site version of AC's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

How to Create a Follett Destiny Account

For Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff:

To create an account, you will need to know your "library card barcode," even though there aren't actually any AC library cards. To find out what the number is, just e-mail Ms. Van Alstyne

Next, go to the library's OPAC

In the upper right hand corner, click on "Create Account."

You can create your own user name and password once you enter your last name and barcode number correctly.

From this point on, once you log in, you will end up in the Destiny Quest interface.

Get the Destiny Quest app to search the catalog, place holds, etc. on an iPhone or iPad

The AC Rumsey Library has e-books!

First, go online to Allendale Columbia's e-book platform to create your account

1) On any device, go to the Magic Wall

2) In the upper-right hand corner, click on LogIn to create your account

3) You will need to know your Library Card ID (email Ms. Van Alstyne for that) and then write it down somewhere! (Your Library Card ID starts with the letter P and a space, but don't use those. Take those numbers and add an AC in the front with no spaces.)

Example: Ms. Van Alstyne gives you a piece of paper that says: P 1204

You will change that to (and type in): AC1204

4) Then type in whatever PIN (password) you want to have, and a window will open where you can register your new account.

5) Fill in all the fields and click Register Account.

Then, get the Axis360 app on the device where you plan to read your e-books and log in

1) Go to the App Zone tab to get a link to the Axis 360 app for your device, or search your favorite store for the app called Axis 360 by Baker & Taylor.

2) Then follow the directions below.


Finally, start browsing and learn how to check-out and return items using the Apple and Android directions below.