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NoodleTools Citation and Notes Manager

For both MLA & APA Styles

Everything you need to keep your notes organized and create perfect citations, not to mention outlines and reports.

Accounts have already been created for all middle and upper school students.

Basic login info

user id: the same as the beginning of your email address - ex: jsmith14

password: noodle + the last two digits of your graduation year - ex: noodle14

a few passwords accidentally have a period inserted - ex: noodle.22

MLA Style

MLA Style is the citation style used in the humanities (English, History, etc.).

The 8th edition (2016) offers a new, flexible format which will be able to adapt to new types of digital sources. There is no longer a different set of rules for each type of source.

Various resources are listed below

MLA (Version 2).pdf
MLA Template - For Printing.pdf

APA Style

APA Style is the citation style used in the physical and social sciences (Physics, Biology, Psychology, Economics, etc.).

Various resources are listed below

Special help for 8th Grade World War II Project


To the left is an example of how to fill out the fields in Noodletools for an article from The Encyclopedia of World War II.

If you have any questions about citing any source, or finding reliable sources of information, feel free to e-mail me for online help or to set up an appointment.

Good luck!

-Ms. Van Alstyne